Redirecting Your Domains using Cloudflare


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I was not available for some time, so I haven't written about anything in a long time, recently I bought a new domain so I had to redirect my old domain and its subdomains to my new domain, This small blog is about how to do that.

I recently had to redirect my .me domain to .in domain, so I had to do Cloudflare domain redirects. Here is how to do it.

Adding DNS Records

First, you need to add some DNS Records, follow this table and create new records or edit your existing records.

TypeNameContentProxy StatusTTL

You should not edit non-conflicting Records until you know what you are doing

Setting Up Page Rules

Once you have DNS setup, go to Rules > Page Rules, Add a new rule with the config defined below,

URL: **
Setting: Forwarding URL
Status Code: 301 / 302
Destination URL: https://$$2

Now save the page rule and enable if already not enabled, This might take up to an hour to reflect on all devices due to DNS Caches.


With this config all URLs and subdomains of will be redirected to

FromRedirected To


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